Our project in a nutshell

Shashwat Sprachschulee, where language learning transcends borders and opens doors to a world of opportunities. The institute is a beacon for those eager to explore the richness of the German language and culture, catering not only to our vibrant community in India but also extending a warm welcome to learners from all corners of the globe.

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    Brand Identity

What the client wanted!

Shashwat Sprachschulee desired a comprehensive revamp of its brand identity to better reflect its mission of providing linguistic skills and cultural insights for navigating the German-speaking world.

The client aimed to create an identity that transcended borders, resonating with a global audience while maintaining a connection to the vibrant community in India.

The goal was to communicate not only language fluency but also a deep appreciation for German traditions and culture.


Our design approach

Cultural Fusion Representation: Incorporated design elements that seamlessly blended Indian and German cultural symbols to represent the institute's global appeal while staying rooted in its Indian context.

Modernized Typography: Opted for the Gilroy typeface to modernize the visual identity, providing a clean and contemporary look that aligns with the global language learning landscape.

Color Palette Refinement: Updated the color palette to include warm and welcoming tones, symbolizing the institute's inclusivity and hospitality to learners from all corners of the globe.

Symbolic Logo: Designed a symbolic logo that merged elements of language and cultural symbols, creating a unique visual identifier that encapsulated Shashwat Sprachschulee's mission.

Consistent Branding Across Touchpoints: Ensured a consistent visual language across various brand collateral, from the website to promotional materials, reinforcing the revamped brand identity.


Benefits for the company (marketing side)

Marketing Benefits:

Enhanced Global Appeal

The revamped brand identity positions Shashwat Sprachschulee as a global language learning institute, attracting learners worldwide.

Increased Brand Recognition

The consistent and modernized visual identity contributes to improved brand recognition, making Shashwat Sprachschulee more memorable to its target audience

Improved User Engagement

The fresh and contemporary design approach enhances user engagement, encouraging potential learners to explore language courses offered by the institute.

Broader Audience Reach

The global-centric design appeals to a broader audience, allowing Shashwat Sprachschulee to extend its reach beyond India and connect with learners from diverse backgrounds.

Alignment with Mission

The symbolic logo and refined brand elements effectively communicate the institute's mission of fostering linguistic skills and cultural appreciation, attracting learners who resonate with these values.

Competitive Edge

The modernized visual identity provides a competitive edge in the language learning market, positioning Shashwat Sprachschulee as a forward-thinking and inclusive institution.

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