Our project in a nutshell

In the bustling country like India, fashion is more than just a way of dressing; it's a way of expressing individuality and embracing the vibrant culture that thrives in the streets. Fly Af is all about trendy, yet comfortable, outfits that reflect the dynamic spirit of the younger generation. They collaborate with local artists, photographers, and models from all walks of life, breaking the barriers of traditional beauty standards.

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    FLY AF
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    Brand Identity

What the client wanted!

FLY AF desired a brand identity revamp that set it apart from other Indian clothing brands, resonating with the values of boldness, expression, and modernity.

The client sought a unique visual identity, including a distinctive logo and typography, to communicate the brand's dynamic spirit and trendy clothing offerings.

The use of neon colors and a combination with muted black was emphasized to capture the attention of the modern Indian individual.


Our design approach

Distinctive Logo Design: We crafted a distinctive logo that embodied the bold and expressive essence of FLY AF, ensuring that it served as a memorable visual identifier for the brand.

Typography Selection

We chose Billy Ohio as the headline font for its versatility, boldness, and expressiveness, aligning with the brand values. The Raleway font family was selected as the primary font for its readability and unique personality.

Color Palette Innovation

We introduced bright and bold neon colors, paired with muted black, to create a modern and attention-grabbing color palette. This choice resonated with the modern Indian individual unafraid to showcase their true style and personality.

Collaboration Emphasis

Incorporated design elements that highlighted FLY AF's collaborations with local artists, photographers, and models, reinforcing the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Visual Consistency

Ensured visual consistency across all brand collateral, from the website to promotional materials, maintaining a cohesive and distinctive brand identity


Benefits for the company (marketing side)

Marketing Benefits:

Distinctive Brand Recognition

The revamped brand identity, including a distinctive logo, unique typography, and vibrant color palette, contributes to enhanced brand recognition. FLY AF now stands out prominently in the competitive Indian clothing market.

Appeal to Modern Indian Individuals

The website's user-centric design, complemented by bold visual elements and a modern color palette, resonates with the target audience—modern Indian individuals unafraid to showcase their true style and personality. This appeal contributes to increased engagement and customer retention.

Increased User Engagement

The user-friendly website design, interactive elements, and emphasis on collaborations create an engaging online experience. Visitors are more likely to explore the diverse range of trendy outfits and stay connected with FLY AF.

Visual Consistency Across Platforms

The visual consistency maintained across various brand collateral, from the website to promotional materials, ensures a cohesive and memorable brand image. This consistency reinforces FLY AF's identity, making it easily recognizable across different marketing channels.

Digital Presence Amplification

The user-friendly website, coupled with an attention-grabbing brand identity, amplifies FLY AF's digital presence. This not only attracts online traffic but also contributes to a positive online reputation, which is crucial in the e-commerce landscape.

Alignment with Brand Values

The revamped brand identity effectively aligns with FLY AF's core values of boldness, expression, and modernity. This alignment enhances customer trust, as the brand's visual identity authentically reflects its ethos.

Targeted Audience Reach

The modernized brand identity and user-friendly website design contribute to a broader and more targeted audience reach. FLY AF can connect with a diverse audience, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts who resonate with the brand's values and aesthetics.

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