Our project in a nutshell

Xhalt, a contemporary clothing brand, is your ultimate companion in daily fashion, offering a fusion of comfort, style, and functionality. With a commitment to quality and a growing base of satisfied customers, Xhalt has emerged as a trusted name in the realm of fashion. Specializing in a wide range of apparel including t-shirts, pants, and shirts for both men and women, Xhalt aims to elevate your everyday wardrobe with its distinctive designs and comfortable fabrics.

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    Brand Identity

What the client wanted!

Xhalt envisioned enhancing its digital presence through comprehensive branding solutions.

The brand sought to revitalize its identity with a captivating logo and dynamic digital designs that reflect the essence of its fashion offerings.

Xhalt aimed to create a visually engaging brand that resonates with its diverse customer base while upholding authenticity and trust.


Our design approach

In response to Xhalt's vision, Sky Dreamers Club embarked on a creative journey to redefine its digital identity. Our design approach focused on seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with modern design elements, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing brand representation.

Logo Design:

We began by conceptualizing a simple yet striking logo that embodies the essence of Xhalt. The logo features the brand name 'Xhalt' in a clean and bold font, accompanied by the tagline 'Your Daily Driver.' This minimalist design serves as a visual anchor, reflecting Xhalt's commitment to effortless style and everyday comfort.

Color Palette Innovation

We introduced bright and bold gold colors, paired with muted gray, to create a modern and attention-grabbing color palette. This choice resonated with the modern Indian individual unafraid to showcase their true style and personality.

Interactive Exploration - User Engagement:

To enhance user engagement, we incorporated interactive features within our digital designs. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and mobile-optimized layouts were essential in facilitating a seamless brand interaction.

Visual Consistency

Ensured visual consistency across all brand collateral, from the website to promotional materials, maintaining a cohesive and distinctive brand identity


Benefits for the company (marketing side)

Marketing Benefits:

Enhanced Visual Identity:

The revitalized logo and digital designs provided Xhalt with a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity. This not only increased brand recognition but also established a unique presence in the competitive fashion landscape.

Increased Customer Engagement:

Our interactive features and engaging graphics contributed to heightened customer engagement. Users were more inclined to interact with the brand, leading to increased inquiries, purchases, and overall customer participation.

Boosted Brand Awareness:

The new branding solutions effectively communicated the diverse range of apparel offered by Xhalt. This contributed to heightened awareness among both existing and potential customers, showcasing the brand's commitment to providing stylish and comfortable fashion options.

Trust and Consistency:

The minimalist yet impactful logo design instilled a sense of trust and consistency in Xhalt's brand. Customers could easily associate the visual identity with the brand's reliable and fashionable offerings.

Cross-Platform Presence:

The digital designs and logo were optimized for various platforms, ensuring a seamless and consistent presence across websites, social media, and other digital channels. This coherence reinforced Xhalt's brand message and identity across diverse online touchpoints.

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