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Swirlyo is the fresh frozen yogurt parlor that is taking India by storm. With locations in three major cities across India and will be pan India soon, Swirlyo is on a mission to make the world a happier, healthier, and more delicious, one swirl at a time!

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What the client wanted!

Creating artistic 3D graphics for Swirlyo’s social media posts keeping their product and brand message intact but bringing an artistic and fresh take on their graphics. Here are some of the key challenges toward the same

Challenge 1:

Infuse diverse flavors into the 3D graphics to represent the variety and uniqueness of Swirlyo's frozen yogurt offerings. The challenge is to convey the taste and richness of each flavor while maintaining a cohesive and artistic look.

Challenge 2:

Capturing the essence of freshness and movement. The challenge is to convey a sense of motion and liveliness in the graphics, making them engaging and exciting for the audience.

Challenge 3:

Adapt Swirlyo's 3D graphics to represent various seasons, incorporating seasonal elements while maintaining the brand identity. Adapt the graphics to convey the feeling of different seasons, such as using warm tones for summer or cool tones for winter.

Challenge 4:

The challenge is to create visually captivating graphics that encourage viewers to interact. Participants should focus on making the graphics not only aesthetically pleasing but also interactive and shareable to enhance Swirlyo's social media presence.

Challenge 5:

Incorporate elements that evoke the sensation of enjoying Swirlyo's frozen yogurt, such as the texture of the swirls and the satisfaction of indulging in a delightful treat. The challenge is to make the graphic feel realistic and inviting, enticing viewers to imagine themselves enjoying Swirlyo's frozen yogurt.

Our design approach

In crafting our design approach for Swirlyo, we embrace a Flavorful Fusion concept that seamlessly blends creativity and cohesion. Exploring vibrant color palettes, each representing a distinct flavor of frozen yogurt. Textures mimic the delightful swirls and layers of the yogurt, complemented by visually enticing toppings. The challenge lies in maintaining a balance between diversity and unity to ensure the graphics harmonize cohesively.

Dynamic Swirls, our second solution, emphasizes capturing the essence of Swirlyo's frozen yogurt through dynamic angles and perspectives. Fluid-like textures convey the freshness of the product, while animations or GIFs add an engaging element of movement. The focus is on detailing the swirling process, highlighting the smooth and creamy texture that defines Swirlyo's frozen yogurt.

For Seasonal Delights, Solution 3 suggests adapting color schemes to mirror the changing seasons. Warm tones symbolize summer, cool tones represent winter, and vibrant colors embody spring. Seasonal elements such as fruits, flowers, or snowflakes are integrated while maintaining the central theme of Swirlyo's frozen yogurt. Brand consistency ensures a visual link between the seasonal graphics.

Our approach extends to Interactive Social Media Stories, where visually striking graphics with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) take center stage. Incorporating features like poll stickers, quiz formats, and swipe-up options within 3D graphics enhances user engagement. The concise and mobile-optimized design aims to elevate the overall user experience.

Lastly, the Virtual Swirlyo Experience utilizes a 3D graphic that immerses users in a first-person perspective of enjoying Swirlyo's frozen yogurt. Realistic textures for the yogurt swirl and a background featuring a welcoming parlor setting enhance the virtual experience. Interactive features enable users to virtually "swirl" the yogurt or explore different angles, creating a visually appealing graphic that triggers a sense of enjoyment.


Benefits for the company (marketing side)

Marketing Benefits:

Mouthwatering Visual Appeal

The vibrant color palettes and textures used in the graphics create a visually enticing representation of Swirlyo's diverse frozen yogurt flavors. This translates into an immediate craving and curiosity among the audience.

Brand Consistency

The balance between diverse flavors and unity in graphics ensures that Swirlyo's brand identity is consistently maintained. This allows for easy recognition and association of the visuals with the brand, fostering a strong brand presence

Increased Product Awareness

By incorporating toppings and ingredients associated with each flavor, the graphics serve as a subtle yet effective way to educate customers about the variety offered by Swirlyo. This contributes to increased product awareness and a better-informed customer base.

Visual Storytelling

The emphasis on details in the swirling process, along with creamy textures, tells a visual story of the product. This storytelling approach enhances the connection between the audience and the brand, making the frozen yogurt experience more relatable.

Shareability and Virality

Dynamic graphics are highly shareable on social media platforms. Viewers are more likely to share visually appealing and dynamic content, contributing to increased brand visibility and potential virality

Continued Brand Recognition

While adapting to seasonal changes, maintaining the prominence of Swirlyo's frozen yogurt ensures consistent brand recognition. The brand becomes associated not only with the product but also with the overall seasonal experience

Enhanced User Engagement

Clear Calls to Action (CTAs), polls, quizzes, and interactive features within the graphics boost user engagement. This not only keeps the audience actively involved but also generates valuable insights through user interactions.

Interactive Exploration

Interactive features that allow users to virtually "swirl" the yogurt or explore different angles enhance the overall user experience. This not only entertains but also provides a unique way for customers to interact with the brand, fostering loyalty

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